Glam New Year’s Eve wedding | Alex + Hunter

Ok friends saddle up because I’ve got another pretty stellar day to share with you and it is worth the scroll I promise!! Knowing these two since high school and getting to know their families over the year as well made this day an absolute treat! Basically it was the perfect day for the cutest stinking duo, who actually were crowned the “class couple” of our graduating class back in 2013 so yeah these two are meant to be. We had such a fun time doing first looks with various friends and family to start the day and then of course Hunter had the best reaction to getting to see Alex in her dress. We had a gorgeous sunset for some outdoor photos which was absolutely killer, and everyone braved the cold. They got married in the evening after the sun had set so the romantically lit ceremony space was the perfect atmosphere for their heartfelt and thoughtful I dos. The program had their entire love story written out so friends and family could be reminded of just how much love and time these two had invested into their relationship up to this day. They had such intentional details like family and friends who officiated, performed live music, celebrated a special life, read and even created pieces for them to use in the ceremony. Erica the most talented woman (and who I happen to love and share a studio space with:)) Created a huge piece for them to each write out a piece of their vows on and hang up in their home after. We followed up the ceremony with great food, drinks, speeches and so much dancing! Not only that but The Reel Love not only videoed but brought in a slo-mo cam booth for guests! It was AMAZING! And of course to end such an incredible day they rang in the new year with confetti and champagne! We sent the love birds off in a sparkler exit and man you guys, what a freaking day!!


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