Summer Camp Wedding in McCall, ID | Michaela + Orin

You guys! Do you ever feel like something happens and you don’t understand why and then later on you have an epiphany moment and are like oooh that’s why!! Yeah this is one of those moments. I cannot tell you how much I love these two and definitely think our paths were destined to cross. When Michaela first reached out to me I was actually booked for their wedding date and was so bummed I had to turn her away. But when that bride and groom ended up changing plans their date changed as well, so I reached back out to Michaela and they were still in search of a photographer. After booking with me, Michaela told me that she was really bummed with their previous engagements and were hoping to take some more in hopes to have some photos they loved. My goal was to give them photos that felt like them and made them burst with happiness when they got them back and I think we nailed it! Fast forward to their September wedding up in McCall, ID at Pilgrim Cove Campground and I had that same feeling of this was so meant to be! Everyone was so much fun and so inviting and made for such a great weekend! Their beautiful lake side ceremony with such heartfelt vows to everyone pitching in and moving tables to the covered pavilion when some evening rain snuck up on us! It was actually really cool to see everyone cozied up under the lights as the rain drizzled outside. You could really feel the love in the atmosphere and I honestly was really sad to have to leave. Loved getting to be apart of these two’s love story!


xoxo – P


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