Intimate Adventure Elopement | Styled Session

A bit of backstory about this session! Awhile back I was out tagging along with josh while hunting, and we passed this spot that I just couldn’t get out of my head. I knew I had to shoot there. Fast forward a month and this shoot was scheduled 3 separate time with 4 different couples, all not working out for various reasons. I couldn’t give up on it though, I knew I wouldn’t ever be able to get that spot out of my head. I asked josh if he would just go with me and we shoot it ourselves. Being the amazing person he is he didn’t hesitate to help me bring this dream to life. I will say it is quite the challenge to shoot yourself with a tripod and remote, relying a lot on memory and praying that the camera stays focused on you like you’re hoping, but it was such a fun experience! I seriously encourage anyone to give it a try and play around with it! Hope you enjoy these as much as I do:)

  1. Margo Mohney says:

    I’m thinking those four other couples really missed out!!! Just found you via Instagram, gorgeous shots !!!!!

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